The Collaborative Project- Blog Post #3

Group projects can help students develop a host of skills that are increasingly important in the professional world. With properly structured group assignments, skills such as the planning and managing of time, the development of stronger communication abilities or the fragmenting of complex tasks into steps are strongly reinforced.

My personal experience regarding the latest team assignment had me realize I do enjoy such collaborative projects to which I believe I can contribute positively. Assigned with the task of composing and correcting the various texts that would fill the website I felt my implication in its edification corresponded adequately to what I am best acquainted with. Looking back on the whole process, I find there were a good cohesion and an open-minded collaboration among writers; a disposition that eased the perfecting of the texts’ final versions. The only issue I personally encountered was in the gathering of all the different written parts and the reformatting of the contrasting styles they respectively presented. It can be a delicate task to modify someone else’s text in order to have the verb tenses and the narrative voice coincide throughout the whole work. I also realized it can be difficult to motivate such a large group of individuals and ensure everyone is doing its part on due time. Despite these general difficulties, our team managed to respect the schedule and complete the assignment in the projected timeframe.

On the other hand, I feel we could have brought the project to a greater level with slightly more time and personal implication. Although we did construct a functional and useful website, some ideas had to be pushed aside due to a lack of time and resources. In the same perspective, I think if we would have gathered earlier to thoroughly discuss the topic selection, we would have come up with an idea for a much more appealing group project. Instead, we resorted on an idea that, while presenting an academic angle suitable to the course, did not really enthrall the team members. I feel this had the deplorable effect of hindering the various members’ personal motivation to innovate and participate enthusiastically in the elaboration of a thrilling webpage. I also feel that eleven persons might have been more than what was needed to process the workload. Despite these minor negative points, I did enjoy taking part in this group project which, I believe, was carried out efficiently and with great results.

Overall, I feel confident about the outcome of our team effort. Although I have not seen the final outlook of the webpage, I can happily say every member participated fairly and equally, and that interactions between us all were respectful and positive. It was not as laborious as I first thought it would be, and I even found myself taking pleasure in collectively constructing such an extensive piece of work. I am looking forward to see the final result and discuss it with my colleagues.


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